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May 2015: Tips, eNews, and More!

Summer is Here!

According to the almanac, the summer solstice begins on June 21st, but Canadians know summer really kicks off with the Victoria Day long weekend!

Warm weather means more opportunities for outdoor activities, but don't forget to stay safe when spending time outside. The Canada Safety Council educates the public about potential health concerns during Summer Safety Week (May 1-7).

Take a look at some of their tips to help you and your loved ones stay safe in the heat.

You're Invited to our Summer Kick-off Party!

On Sunday May 24th, we'll be having our summer kick-off party outside of our office. We've booked the food truck from Caplansky's Delicatessen and can't wait to see you all there!

Event Details

Date: Sunday May 24th

Place: 300 Wellington Street East in Aurora (Office Parking Lot)

Time: 12PM to 2PM

If you're free, please join us and grab a bite.

Visit the Events page on our website for more details and check frequently for upcoming events!

Enter our Contest to Win a Pair of Tickets to "Beer Makes History Better" with Tour Guys in Toronto!

Contest Guidelines

Enter your submission here

If you want, visit our Facebook page and post a shot of where you like to spend your summer, along with a quick description! (e.g. beach)

Deadline to Enter: June 1st 2015

The winner will be announced in our next newsletter and on our Facebook page. Good luck!

Wishing you countless reasons to smile,

Dr. Pasha and Wellington Aurora Dental Team

Tips for Soda Drinkers!

Sugary drinks such as sodas and pops have been getting a lot of attention lately. They are even considering warning labels similar to cigarettes on their packaging. If you're like me and enjoy the occasional pop with lunch or during the work day, here are some tips to limit the damage to your teeth.

For starters, try the sugar free versions - they are` less likely to cause cavities, although they still damage enamel.

Also try to drink your pop during a meal, drink through a straw (to minimize contact with teeth), and follow a pop with a good drink of water to rinse the mouth clean. If possible, brush your teeth after you're done.

Most importantly limit your pop consumption. Remember, that once it passes through your teeth, the rest of your body has to deal with it and that's a whole other story.

Healthy Poutine!

Okay, okay, maybe not healthy poutine, but much healthier poutine! Originating in Quebec, poutine is made of French fries, cheese curds, and gravy. A few alterations of the main ingredients can improve the nutritional value in poutine without altering its delicious taste.

The nice thing about this recipe is its flexibility. Use your favourite potatoes or, instead of using cheese curds, substitute with partly skimmed mozzarella cheese or even fat-free cottage cheese.

Click here for the recipe.
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